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My babies





I once read something that, in my early days of being a parent, was very much needed for me: You are the best parent for your child.

It was a blog post discussing how only you truly know them and what they need. Their likes, dislikes and so on. That parenting books and those annoying women at the Early Childhood Centre really don’t know what’s best for your child. You do. So take bits and pieces from here and there and do it in your own, unique way.


Do you ever feel that perhaps you AREN’T the best parent for your child? That you yelled too much or didn’t have enough patience? You were too tired to play. You would have preferred they didn’t eat crackers all damn day and no vegies. Do you feel as though you favour one over another at various stages? Do you wish you were one of those people who could let washing and dishes pile up to instead spend time on the floor playing with trucks and dolls? Do you lie in bed at night and go over your day and wish you’d done things differently?

I do.