Welcome. Or welcome back. These days I’m a coastal dwelling mum of two kids – Princess Firecracker and Little Man. I’d love to be a serene earth mother who bakes bread, sews her children’s clothes, has a thriving vegie patch and home-schools. The reality is I can’t relax if the house is messy. I use a bead machine. I sew occasionally. And whilst we have eaten home grown food I still have a vegie box delivered fortnightly. And sometimes my kids eat Freddo Frogs.

I’m on my way to being a self-employed a graphic designer. Perfect job for someone who likes things in their place. In my past life I worked in TV and Event Production. I liked it because you get paid to make lists and spreadsheets and tell people what to do.

When nanafee first began, I lived child-free in the city, was a keen cook, knitter and band groupie. I guess those things haven’t changed but I’d like to think I have.

If you’re interested, first incarnation of nannafee can be found here. Ick, kinda embarrassing now. It spans 19 March 2003 to 8 November 2006. Ahh, memories.

Ok, moving forward!


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