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I finally visited New York a few months ago. Kinda hopeless considering I lived in San Francisco for 6 months in 2004. But the time finally came when the idea of leaving the little ones didn’t seem too scary. So I packed my bags and followed my fella on his annual trip. Yes, he goes once a year. And I still had never been.

It’s an amazing city and I had a brilliant time. We stayed up way past our bedtime and slept till almost noon. More than once. Wild times.

We bowled in Brooklyn.

Ate at Fette Sau. And Balthazar

And Robertas. And Freemans

Bought sandals for half of what they cost here. And dresses and more shoes and hair products I’ll probably never use.

Ate a cupcake with fingernails to match.

Bought coat hooks and door knobs we probably didn’t need. But damn, they’re gorgeous.

We rode bikes in Central Park. Somewhat exhausting after all that food and wine.

Walked The Highline to a dinner reservation for 10.45pm.

And so much more.

But after ten days of that incredible, endless city, I’d had enough. Enough of the excessiveness of New York City. It may sound ungrateful and boring but I couldn’t wait to come home to my beautifully simple and real life. And bake something. And take my kids to the park.


A holiday. Finally.


We’re going on holiday tomorrow. Not overseas, heck, not even interstate. Only 5 hours north (ok, double that, we’ll have a 2 and 4 year old with us). And only for 3 nights. But this is the first time the four of us have gone anywhere together on holiday. Very sensibly, we’re holidaying with friends who have kids the same ages as ours.

I attribute the long break between vacations to the last “holiday” we went on as a new family. It was a shock.

You see, the last time we went on holiday Princess Firecracker was 6 months old. It was a post-Christmas NYE holiday. It was set to become a regular feature among our friends until we went and “ruined” it all by having a kid. Quiet naively believing that we could indeed maintain some semblance of a pre-baby life post-baby, we hired a beach house with 8 child-free friends and away we went. Anyone with kids knows that 6 months of age, heck ANY months-of-age, is tricky to travel with kids. Coinciding with what was supposed to be a week of fun was Ivy deciding “no I won’t sleep all night anymore I’m going to wake up. A lot.”

So there we were, totally exhausted, a house full of NYE revellers downstairs, and we’re upstairs trying to get a 6 month old to settle and go to sleeeep, pleeeeease!

It was horrible. So stressful. And we haven’t bothered again until now.

I’m almost packed. We’re leaving at 4am to hopefully get driving done while they sleep. I have snacks. A lot of snacks. I’ve borrowed a 2 screen in car DVD player. Which reminds me, I need to pack the DVDs.

And you know what, if we have to resort to hotcakes or chicken nuggets, we’ll do it. No shame. Whatever works.