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I was a winter person until I had kids. Staunchly winter. Hated summer, the next-to-nothing clothes, humidity at 2am, burnt skin no matter how keenly you apply sunscreen. But now, I love it. During the last week we’ve had a few days of warm sunshine and it feels so good. Gives me hope that there WILL be an end to the runny noses and coughs. Very soon, we’ll get home from work and preschool with sunshine time to spare. Rather than come home to a cold dark house, it’ll be warm. Time for a jump on the trampoline (rather then whine) while I make dinner. Or a quick trip to the rockpool as the sun begins to set.

I guess it has something to do with where we live now. Near the beach instead of the grimey inner west of Sydney. I loved the inner west until it became too noisy, too polluted. The only outdoor space was the park. No private space to for the kids to run around in their undies and play with buckets of water.

I love summer weekends with their early morning visits to the beach, and a repeat performance in the late afternoon. Greasy fish n chips on the sandy grass. Or on the back veranda where there is always cool breeze.